Samuel L. Wagner Middle School

A supportive learning community, challenges all students to achieve individual success.


We believe...

  • Teaching respect and fostering pride are important components of education.
  • Wellness, Health and safety are essential to learning.
  • A school, home and community partnership is vital.
  • A dedicated staff, committed to professional development and lifelong learning, provides optimal educational experiences.
  • A challenging curriculum, coupled with appropriate accommodations, ensures the success of all students.
  • Integrated learning experiences and varied instructional approaches allow students to make connections between disciplines and their own lives.


Students will...

  • read, write, speak, and listen effectively to interpret and share information.
  • use appropriate resources to seek, access, apply, evaluate, and share knowledge.
  • use visual, artistic, and technological modes of expression to demonstrate knowledge and skills.
  • question and think, critically and creatively, and identify and apply solutions to problems.


Students will...

  • contribute to collaborative work in a respectful manner.
  • listen attentively.
  • take responsibility for actions and decisions.


Students will...

  • assume responsibility for actions and decisions.
  • honor and care about adults, students, and property.
  • advocate for self and others.
  • show empathy, courtesy, and respect for others in our local and global society.


Students will...

  • make positive choices, take healthy risks, and develop a strong and positive sense of self.
  • recognize the importance of good health practices and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

(Approved 06/16/17)